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About Scipopulis

We are an innovation startup, focused on smart cities and particularly on urban mobility issues. Our products deliver solutions to citizens and transport planners in the areas of monitoring, planning, data analysis, customer relationship, sharing and active mobility.

Bus Dashboard

The Bus Dashboard is a dashboard that monitors speeds of buses in public transport networks, providing real-time and historical information to city managers, transport planners and traffic engineers that helps them to manage, plan and operate the public transportation network.


Coletivo is a smartphone application that uses collaboration as a strategy to provide real-time information about buses and the transportation network of the city of São Paulo. Aimed at daily commuters who want real-time data to perform journey decisions and have a better experience when using public transportation, Coletivo integrates other data sources providing relevant information about the city, such as cultural events and traffic alerts in addition to transportation information.

Smart Bikes

We have created a bicycle sharing system where intelligence is not in the stations but on the bike itself, reducing deployment costs and recurrent costs by up to 30%, which allows for installation in small and medium-sized cities without a large advertisement partner to absorb the costs of a traditional bike sharing system.


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Winners of the Objeto Brasil Design Award

Winners of the Connected Smart Cities Award

Finalists of the Verizon Powerful Answers Award

Winners of the SENAI/SESI Innovation Award